Laser Engraving and Cutting

Laser Engraving LangleyUsing state of the art laser technology we can engrave such materials as glass, acrylic, plastic, metal, wood, leather, slate, granite, rubber and much more.  We even have the ability to laser cut right through many woods, plastics, fabrics and other materials. Our laser engraver can produce such a high level of detail that even a photograph can be etched into wood and glass for a unique and eye catching look.

Laser engraving and cutting main uses:

  • Lamacoid and Metal Nametags
  • Custom Signs out of a Variety of Substrates
  • LED Edge Lit Acrylic and Glass Signs
  • Product Manufacturing
  • I.D. Plates and Part Marking
  • Custom Gifts and Personalizing Products
  • Trophies, Awards and Memorials
  • Frame Plates


Sandblasting is available into stone, wood and glass.  This process can be used for lightly texturizing a material or deep etching for a durable high quality finish.  This also gives us the ability to engrave much larger surfaces then we can with our laser engraver.

Main uses:

  • Large Format Signs
  • Deep Etching into Stone and Wood


Sublimation is the process of heat transferring printed ink onto a metal substrate.  This allows us to make full colour signs and nametags that are extremely durable with photographic quality.  When heated and pressed the ink bonds with the metal substrate so that it can’t be rubbed or scratched off.

Main uses:

  • Full Colour Signs and Nametags
  • Dash Plaques
  • Awards

Screen Printing

This process allows for multiple colours on plastic and metal.  Screen printing is ideal for large nametag orders that require the logo to be in colour.

Main uses:

  • Lamacoid  Nametags
  • Frame Plates