Need ID Tags?

Langley ID TagsBurgham Custom Engraving specializes in high quality I.D. plates and tags at a low cost.  Our laser engraving process allows for a sleek design with your company logo, plus the durability to last in all environments.  Please contact us for a quote!

Stainless steel I.D. Plates are very popular for most industrial equipment labelling.  Our laser engraving creates a permanent black mark on the steel that is very visible and the finished product is one that will last!

We also offer aluminum and anodized aluminum plates with a wide range of colour choices.  As well as identifying your product, these can be used as a nice decorative touch!  1”, 1.5” and 2” aluminum discs make for durable and cost effective cable tags.

Plastic/lamacoid tags can be cut into various shapes, which are ideal for custom switch plates, panels and cable tags.  This style of labelling is very cost effective in both small and large jobs.

For labelling pipes and other curved surfaces, Burgham Custom Engraving offers a very tough ultra-thin engrave-able decal.