Langley Name Tags Engraving

Name Tags LangleyA quality name tag makes your company look professional and your employee look knowledgeable.  A customer service representative with a stuck on label maker name tag gives the impression that they haven’t been with the company long, or they aren’t planning on sticking around.

At Burgham Custom Engraving we can use our laser system to make name tags that have a unique shape, size and design that exemplifies your company specifically!  The laser also allows us to do small runs of name tags at a very cost efficient price.  This is great for a small business or a company with a large staff turn over rate.

We also offer full colour screen printed tags!  Screen printing is ideal for large orders of nametags where the logo is in colour and then the name is added afterwards through engraving.

If you are looking for full colour, high detail metal name tags, sublimation is the way to go!  Sublimated name tags can be photo quality and because the ink is heat pressed into the metal this application makes for a very durable tag.

Magnet or Pin Back Available!

We are your solution for Langley name tags and engraving needs!